Dancewear is clothing and accessories that dancers and dancing students wear to practice and perform. These include leotards and unitards, tights, tutus, cardigans, legwarmers, slippers, pointe shoes, shoes; tap shoes, dance belts and more.Most dancers, particularly female, like a look that makes them look thin, so they look for texture and fit. Motionwear pants and Bloch leotard have a sliming effect and come in a variety of fabrics and colors. Some dancers go for glitter and shine, particularly ballroom dancers.

Jazz dancers prefer a loose functional fit and choose designers like City Lights for pants and sweaters, Bodywrapper black knit sweaters and Mirella skirts with Leo's classic black and white tap shoes.Ballet dancers generally look for comfort and style when shopping. Capezio shorts and tops, Leo's skirts, Motionwear and Mirella leotards are popular choices, as are Watercolor wrap-around skirts.

As far as expense goes, a typical price range for dance shoes is $24 to $150. Women's leotards are priced at $25 to $46 and tights, leg warmers, ballet skirts and dance belts sell for $15 to $36. Men's apparel runs from $20 to $50. This prices can go much higher, but this gives you a general idea of what most dancewear items sell for.Then there is custom dancewear, which is the norm for most original productions in theater.

Hire a good costume designer who understands the needs of comfort, fit, and maneuverability when the dancer is wearing the dancewear. This will ensure a successful show and a happy bunch of dancers.


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By: Steve Valentino


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