Free Basketball Picks

Free Basketball Pick #1.
Spurs @ Hornets: The Hornets won the last time these two played in Oklahoma City. The Spurs blew away the Hornets when they played in San Antonio, so both teams should have a decent blue print on how to beat each other. It would definitely help the Hornets if J.

R. Smith was back. Predicted Score: San Antonio wins in a buzzer beater but lose against the spread 98-96.Free Basketball Pick #2.

Cavaliers @ Hawks: Call it a hunch, but I think this will be the first sellout of the year for the Hawks. And Cleveland, coming off a tough game with Indiana, might not be able to handle Atlanta. Will the Hawks focus entirely on LeBron or will they not have a clue of what to do? Predicted Score: Clevland wins 106-102 but lose against the spread in a tight one. Take the over on this game as well.

Free Basketball Pick #3.
Sonics @ Jazz: All the little things a team does (rebounding, passing, playing defense, etc.) aren't utilized in Seattle.

Utah plays so many pick-and-rolls you'd think that Stockton and Malone were still there. Seattle will struggle to keep pace with the Jazz. Predicted Score: Utah wins in a route 95-80.

Parlay the under with Utah against the spread at your favorite betting establishment.

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By: David Pincus


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