Getting The Best Performance From Your Jet Ski Boat or Golf Cart Battery

Most people rarely think about the battery inside their Jet Ski, boat or golf cart until the engine doesn't turn over. After that comes the process of digging out the instruction manual and browsing through hundreds of different batteries to find the one that fits your vehicle. To ensure that you're not caught in this situation any more than you need to be, try following these simple steps to increase the lifespan of your recreational vehicle battery.If your small fishing boat or golf cart is repeatedly used to travel short distances before turning off the engine, it's likely that your battery is never reaching a full charge.

Since the battery's power is continuously depleted from starting the engine but never fully replenished by the alternator's charge, the result is a poorly functioning battery with a high rate of failure and inconsistency.Most recreation vehicle batteries are secondary or "storage" batteries which differ from the primary batteries found in small portable devices. Secondary batteries can be recharged again and again as opposed to disposable primary batteries. .

By caring for your battery correctly, you can save hundreds of dollars over the years in battery replacement costs. The most effective way to charge your battery is to do it slowly over a 6 to 8 hour period with an external charger. The chemical reaction that produces the power to fuel your vehicle can be reversed with a recharging devise that supplies energy back into the battery. Charging battery slowly allows the electrolytes to fully penetrate the plates and gives your battery a longer lifespan.Golf Cart Battery Maintenance.Most golf cart batteries require that water constantly be added to maintain the battery's charge.

Many people aren't aware of this because most other types of vehicle batteries are maintenance free batteries. When a golf cart battery dries out due to lack of water, it can catch fire or even combust. To prevent this, schedule maintenance checks or try using a sealed golf cart that doesn't require any additives.Boat Battery and Jet Ski Battery Maintenance.There are two different types of marine battery technology; wet cell and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM).

While wet cell batteries are generally cheaper, they require that the owner constantly add more acid to maintain the charge. Because the battery needs to be opened, wet cell batteries have a tendency to leak. An AGM battery doesn't need to be refilled, eliminating most of the trouble associated with wet cell batteries. Because they are completely sealed, there is no leaking and less corrosion.Save yourself some money the next time you need to purchase a Jet Ski battery, boat battery, or golf cart battery.

By doing some research online, you can compare the pros and cons about your options before you purchase.

.Author is a small business internet marketing consultant and the cofounder of nGenuity Solutions.For additional information on Jet Ski Batteries or golf cart batteries, please visit http://www.ebatteriestogo.


By: Christine Harrell


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