Melted Cheese

When two teams as bad as the Vikings and Packers get together one of two things can happen. The game will either be boring or it could be exciting. Sunday's game started off poorly but it had a dramatic ending. Vikings kicker Paul Edinger kicked a game winning 56 yard field goal.

It was the longest field goal in Vikings history and the second longest field goal to end a game in NFL history.What an amazing finish for the Vikings and it came against their arch rival, the Green Bay Packers. The Packers took a first half lead of 17-0 into half time but seemed to melt away in the second half.The Vikings had 38 yards passing in the first half and in typical 2005 fashion made mistake after mistake on both sides of the field.

It looked like Favre would put up fantastic numbers and crush the Vikings.Whatever was done at half time worked for Minnesota. All season I've criticized Tice and the coaching staff for being out coached and being inept. Tice impressed me on Sunday.

He obviously said or did the right things during half time and must be given credit.While the Vikings were impressive and scored on all 5 of their possessions during the second half, Green Bay melted away like Wisconsin cheese on a hot day.The Vikings took a 20-17 lead near the end of the game but Favre rallied back to lead the Packers down the field for a game tyeing field goal. Culpepper who was great in the second half marched the Vikings into field goal position with only two seconds left. It actually wasn't really field goal possession.

It was a 56 yard attempt by Edinger who had missed from half that distance earlier in the season.Nobody gave Edinger a chance and I viewed the attempt as a mere formality that Edinger would miss the attempt. Looking back all the ingredients for a miracle were in place for Edinger who really needed this kick to give him confidence.Edinger had more then enough distance and could have probably made a 60 yard field goal the way he kicked that ball through the uprights. Favre looked on in utter shock. What an amazing site to see.

All week long Green Bay Packers fans were licking their chops in anticipation of routing the Vikings.Well Packers fans this is a 60 minute game. This showed me that there was one team more pathetic then the Vikings. The Green bay Packers definitely looked like melted cheese on Sunday.


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By: Anthony Bloch


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