Volleyball is among the most well-loved and popular sports around the globe. An active sport that provides excellent aerobic exercise, this game is perfect for keeping you fit, and it also helps you improve your hand-and-eye coordination, as well as your ability to supersede the desire to duck a fast-moving object ? in this case, a ball.In this game, there are two teams playing with a net that is 6foot x 6inches high separating them. Each team must hit the ball back and forth over the net. They are allowed three hits to get the ball over the net to the other team. In case a team commits a fault, fails to return the ball properly or the ball hits their ground; the opponents will get a point or score.

Volleyball is played in almost any country on beaches, school grounds, or backyards. Although an enjoyable game, to have the perfect volley ball game, there are a few things that must be considered.If you want to enjoy a volleyball game thoroughly, then knowing the rules is key. Know the guidelines, faults and scoring procedures of the game will help you know just what to do in every play that you encounter. Enlist the help of any volleyball professional to teach you the basics.

Sport magazines and books may also have good information about volleyball game rules.Now that you know the rules and you have an apt basic knowledge, next thing to know are the techniques. There are many techniques in playing volleyball, and if you watch a pro play the game, you'll know about it. There are clinics and centers offering volleyball techniques trainings and improvements, and you can certainly enroll on one of them if you choose.

However, keep in mind that volleyball techniques lay within you, and it's really up to you what strategies and skills to use without violating a rule.In every sport, safety should always be a top priority. Always bear in mind that every safety measures should be taken in consideration seriously, as some accidents may involve a life-threatening situation.

Many basic guidelines in volleyball incorporate tips on how to prevent injuries and accidents as well as what to do in case there is one.

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