Why Style is Critical to Boating Safety

There is no better time to instill recreational boating safety values than when your children are small. Since young minds are impressionable, boating safety and its benefits are critically important to teach at a young age. The number one item that is of importance, regardless of age, is a good flotation device.

Even if you have just a small inflatable zodiac, inflatable dinghy or a fishing trawler, federal law requires you to have one in place. Commonly referred to as PFD'S, each child should be fitted with one before leaving the dock or shore. When purchasing a life jacket, make sure that you get one that is not bulky or uncomfortable, as children are more inclined to take this type of device off when you least expect it!.Children are style conscious, so remember to get a PFD that is snazzy and fits in with the crowd! A life jacket that is bulky and difficult to wear will get tossed aside or complained about often. One style, which is the type II or type III jacket may be a good choice for a child as they come in psychedelic colors with hearts on them and kids love that! In addition to a good the PFD, it doesn't hurt to instill a bit of nautical terminology in your child's educational quotient.

Start out with simple terms such as starboard, port, aft, and forward. These are simple terms, but are extremely important in describing the action of any given boat. Even if you're in a small inflatable zodiac or some type of other small craft, teach them these terms early.When you teach your children the proper terminology, this can save lives especially when it comes to boating with friends or relatives. In addition to an essential life saving skill, it also helps to eliminate confusion on board.

It is okay to have small electronic devices, but teach your children their dollar value and how important it is to respect them. Show them as well how important it is to store them in clean dry places on board when not being used. You will find that even kayaks or inflatable boats have secure storage compartments. Most of all, have fun with your kids as they will remember their younger boating years with their parents for many years to come!.

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By: Terry Price


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