Melted Cheese - When two teams as bad as the Vikings and Packers get together one of two things can happen.

Pole Vaulting in Virtual Reality and Holographic Realms - Pole Vaulting is a tough sport and even a harder one to coach, as you can only coach after they screw up and it takes a lot of energy for each fault.

Columbus Blue Jackets Defeat Unbeaten Nashville IN OT - Blue Jackets defenseman Adam Foote scored the winning goal 36 seconds into OT to give the Jackets (3-6) a 3-2 victory and hand previously unbeaten Nashville (8-1) their first loss of the year.

Football in the Pac - Last week, we learned a lot about the Pac-10.

So You Want to Coach Youth Sport Seven Critical Questions - If you?re reading this you have developed some interest in undertaking a coaching role in youth sport.

Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Early Season Analysis - Former coach John Lucas actually got fined years ago for having LeBron James work out for the Cavs.

Handicapping the Pacers Trade of Ron Artest Current Playoffs Chances - At this point the Pacers playoff hopes are definitely in jeopardy.

NBA Odds Why Is Vegas So Good - Whenever looking at the odds for NBA Basketball, it is important to keep in mind the fact that Vegas is motivated by profit.

New York Knicks Gambling Articles Early Season Analysis - Controversy abound when Larry Brown left the Pistons for the New York Knicks.

Hiking Boots Step Into The Perfect Fit - There are only two rules for buying hiking boots: good quality and good fit.

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